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In today’s information-driven age, the internet as a primary hub for sharing and creating content has become over-saturated with information. Therefore it is crucial to find ways to stand out from your competition, especially in the rapidly growing Web-3 space. 

Web-3 is one of the pioneering industries when it comes to creative and quickly developing marketing strategies. Marketers are required to adapt their strategies to an ever-changing space which is always evolving and expanding. In such circumstances, allowing your business to get spotted by the right audience is best achieved by creating unique and entertaining marketing content. 

Well, what better way to do it than through Web-3 Video Marketing? In this article you will learn how to write a short, interesting and concise script for the best attention-grabbing content. 

Choosing The Best Format For Your Web-3 Marketing Video

The first step to creating your video is choosing an appropriate format, depending on the purpose of your marketing campaign. The goal of your marketing efforts can strongly vary – from creating a short advertisement to delivering detailed explainer videos of a certain product.

In relation to that; it is important to decide whether you want to convey complex information, or is catching the attention of your audience sufficient?

A general rule in video marketing suggests that keeping the attention of your audience increases in difficulty parallel with the length of your video. In other words, the shorter your content is, the easier it will be not only to catch, but also to keep your viewers’ attention throughout the video.

However this shouldn’t hinder any successful marketer’s ability of choosing the appropriate format of their video content. Instead, deciding on the format of your video should be done through clear acknowledgment of the goals and the desired outcome of your marketing campaign.

Let’s say you want to present your overall Web-3 business to acquire a new piece of the market. In this case, a short promotional video might prove to be optimal, since its main purpose is to attract exposure.

On the other hand, maybe you have just released a brand new product; a dApp, protocol or any other Blockchain-based software. In that case creating an explainer type video has clear advantages as your goal would be to acquire new users instead of just sparking up some attention.

The Elements Of A Web-3 Video Marketing Script

Regardless of the video format, the critical part which distinguishes a successful promotion attempt, from an unsuccessful one, are the first few seconds of the content presented to viewers. Therefore we can get to the first, and often the most important part of video content – the hook. 

The purpose of a hook is to achieve exactly what its name reveals – to “catch” the attention of a viewer. Usually in the form of a question, an intriguing fact or an interesting phrase; the hook must be able to successfully attract the target audience to start watching the video.

Once the attention of the audience is successfully caught, the video will automatically have an advantage as the interest in viewers has already been created. 

The following stage of the video should highlight and explain a certain problem, or an obstacle, which the marketed business is trying to solve for its customers. 

Logically, after the problem comes the solution! It is best presented in a clear and concise, but also intriguing and fun way. It can consist of a showcase of a certain product, made as attractive as possible, while highlighting the benefits it brings to its users. Another method which can be utilized in this stage is covering your advantages over other competitors’ products. 

As the video approaches its outro parts, your product’s or brand’s benefits can be outlined once more, shortly and effectively to wrap-up its benefits. Afterwards it is often followed by the company’s slogan and its visual representation – the logo. 

Lastly, a Call-to-action (CTA) is utilized as a successful method of getting the viewers to try out your product. The CTA should be short and motivating, usually pointing to a certain link or a website owned by the Web-3 business. 

How To Write Attention Grabbing Content

Now that you have a good video structure handbook, let’s help you write your marketing script! 

When writing a Web-3 video script, marketers should remember that it is a piece of art just like any other type of creative content. Regardless if it’s representing a cryptocurrency, blockchain protocol or a Web-3  platform; you should take into consideration that it’s a tool to reach your customers, which is why the script should be created with maximum care and effort. Just imagine how it would feel to lose a great opportunity, due to poor marketing of an otherwise great product! 

So let’s dive into the elements of a successful Web-3 video marketing script! 

A successful video marketing script has to be unique, engaging and attention grabbing, while never omitting the importance of content simplicity. Web-3 topics can get quite complex, which is why you should try to bring it closer to the average viewer by simplifying information.

Furthermore, finding a balance between strong visuals and concisely written content will help you succeed in your video marketing campaign. You’ll also want to focus on making your video as clear as possible, so that it can be easily understood by as many people as possible.

Another element of an interesting script is the storytelling structure, which will bring you closer to winning the attention of your highly valued audience. By creating story-like scripts, viewers get naturally attentive since such structure is easy to follow and requires minimal efforts to understand its contents.

You should always try to intrigue your audience, either through making unique remarks, posing questions or sharing interesting facts. This method can spark up great interest in your viewers’ minds, making them almost unable to close the video before it’s finished. 

In addition to that, keep your script dynamic, yet understandable and slow enough for viewers to grasp all the information. And keep in mind that finding the most appealing way of presenting your Web-3 brand while remaining fully honest and never deceiving your customers is a must. 

The Bottom Line

Through video content, businesses are able to engage with their audiences in one of the most efficient, cost effective and convertible methods present today. It is an art that requires efficiency, creativity and an artistic expression in order to rightfully represent the brand or the product behind it. 

When used correctly, video marketing will open the doors of great opportunities by attracting customers, business partners and serving as proof of your Web-3 brand’s legitimacy.

If we have successfully inspired you to create your own blockchain/web-3 video, don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you. 

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