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The world of digital marketing, just like the blockchain space, is ever-evolving, and video marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses today.

There’s no denying that video content will play a crucial role in content marketing in the future. Since social media is forcing brands across sectors to value video as an essential component of their strategy, brands that ignore it may fail to engage their audiences on platforms they already live on. This is especially important in Web-3, as one of the leading, innovative tech industries where creative solutions play a high role. 

In this article we explore the advantages of including video content into your marketing strategy, video marketing statistics, tips for creating engaging videos and where to share them along with several other related topics!  Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Utilize Video Marketing in Web-3?

Video marketing is a powerful strategy that can be used to build brand awareness, increase engagement, generate leads, and increase your overall market exposure. It also has one of the highest conversion rates compared to other commonly used marketing methods. Furthermore, video content is more likely to be shared than other forms of content, which can help to increase a business’s reach and visibility, thus having a highly positive impact on building relationships with customers and increasing brand loyalty.

Video marketing is a very versatile method that lets businesses reach out in a variety of ways and for lots of different purposes. You can deliver educational videos, tutorials, product demos, live streams, webinars, and more. If you choose the right video marketing strategy, you can significantly improve engagement with your target audiences and increase your sales-

Video Marketing Statistics

If you still don’t feel convinced, let’s take a look at a few statistics! According to a recent research, 67% of marketers have found that sharing marketing videos on social media (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok) has the biggest ROI. Furthermore, videos are known to increase sales, with 68% of marketers saying that content showcasing their products and services generates the highest returns. In addition to that, 36% of marketers confirm that the greatest benefit of video content is getting more engagement than other types of marketing.

Creating Your Web-3 Video Content Strategy

Creating a successful video marketing strategy requires thorough research and planning. As a Web-3 business, you should start by identifying your target audiences and understanding their needs and interests.

This can be done by following the latest narratives in the blockchain industry, which helps to stay in line with the latest hot trends. By doing that, you can easily create content that resonates with your target audiences and drives meaningful results. Additionally, businesses should also consider their goals and objectives, as well as the type of content they want to create.

It is also important to consider the platforms where the content will be shared and the different formats that can be used for each platform. 

Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

Creating engaging videos requires a lot of work, but the results can be worth it. Here are some tips for creating engaging videos:

  • Tell a story: When creating a video, it’s important to tell a story that resonates with your audience. This will help your content stand out and capture the attention of your viewers for the whole duration of the video.
  • Keep it short: Videos should be short and to the point. Longer videos are useful for certain specific use cases, but can be difficult to watch, so it’s important to keep them short and engaging.
  • Use visuals: Visuals are an important part of any video. Creative visuals can easily make your videos more appealing and thus drive a larger portion of the audience towards your Web-3 brand or crypto project.  
  • Use a call to action: Include a call to action at the end of your video to encourage viewers to take a desired action.

Identify ways to repurpose your highest-performing written materials into video content. 

What blog posts or guest posts are resonating with your audience? Find those messages or topics, and turn them into video content. Then, see how they do separately. Because video content is shareable, your audience members will likely reward you with higher engagement, even if they have already seen your written content.

Review how your customers interact with your content and the purchase process.

Doing a bit of extra research will help you understand how your ideal clients find you or begin working with you. At each step of the process from awareness to decision-making, identify the content that will help them move forward. What kinds of articles, whitepapers, or videos will assist them in reaching a decision? How can you distribute these?

You can enhance existing content by adding video elements to it.

It’s important not to get too far ahead of yourself! There is no need to repurpose every article. Instead, you should identify content that could benefit from the addition of video. Do you have a popular blog post that you like to send clients or prospects? You can boost your SEO by adding a video element to it to help your audience engage with it in a new way.

Plan out your video content distribution strategy.

When creating a video marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the platforms where the content will be shared. There are a number of platforms that can be used, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Each platform has its own features and benefits, so it’s important to choose the platform that is best suited to your Web-3 business. 

Choosing popular social media websites, like Twitter, is always a good choice. However, you don’t have to be shy of trying out some new, crypto-oriented platforms as well, since being an early adopter can bring a lot of advantages down the road. 

Besides utilizing the popular social media platforms, it is beneficial to include easy explainer videos on your brands’ website as well.


Video marketing is a powerful tool for Web-3 businesses looking to reach their target audiences and drive meaningful results. Regardless if you manage a crypto token project, a DeFi platform or a novel blockchain, you can use video marketing strategies to create engaging content that resonates with audiences and increases visibility.

At Slance, we understand the power of video marketing and can help you plan and create video content for your Web-3 marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more about our video marketing services and how we can help you revolutionize your content strategy!

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