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We help the most ambitious Web3, Crypto and Blockchain brands become top-rated projects ready for mass adoption.

From Startup to Growth-stage to Maturity.

Partner – not simply a creative studio

The last thing you need is a studio that just produces content.

You need a hands-on partner that knows how you can survive and thrive in an ultra competitive market. A team that leverages years of insights from successful partnerships and applies them to your growth strategy.

A team that knows the power of visual storytelling and how to connect the dots in a market where distrust is impacting your growth potential.

Slance is a team of creatives and strategists with a collective 30+ years of experience β€” and we have helped the most ambitious brands grow and become industry leaders.

Our unique 4-step Creative Growth Plan identifies growth areas and boosts the effectiveness of all marketing efforts by:


  • Crafting the narrative around your brand
  • Identifying + engaging your target audience
  • Discovering the best metrics to focus on
  • Implementing creative design + video the right way
  • Incorporating storytelling into your content strategy
  • Streamlining cross-channel experiences from first-contact to onboarding
  • Identifying content types that are the most effective in driving conversions
  • Leveraging existing users for optimal growth


We typically function as an extension of your in-house marketing team for everything related to video and design, or as we like to call it: visual storytelling.

We help you grow by crafting the narrative around your brand and then producing visual content that amplifies the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns.

We do this based on our unique 4-Step Creative Growth Plan. This plan is the result of years of industry insights and success stories and functions as the blueprint for long-term success (more on this below).

We have virtually no overhead because we are fully remote and our team is completely self-steering, which is reflected in our highly competitive pricing. Working with us is just about the best return on investment you can possibly get and we guarantee real results within 3 months.

What we are: Your creative Growth Partner for long-term success. We help you with Story, Strategy, Branding and Production. If you think video or design, you think of us.

What we are not: Your one-off PR or Marketing partner. We focus exclusively on video and design and how this supports your overall marketing strategy. We do not go into in-depth detail on metrics, website structures or channel management.

The biggest problem: distrust

The blockchain industry has one major issue that is impacting the growth potential of many promising brands: distrust. Distrust as a result of years-long FUD campaigns, horror stories of lost funds, entire exchanges that collapse within weeks, multitude of scams and so on.

There are many wonderful and great projects in this space, yet they struggle to get past the startup phase or mature into well-known brands because onboarding new users remains difficult due to lack of brand credibility.

Brand credibility is therefore the main growth driver for all brands in the blockchain space. Once brands start implementing strategies that subtly boost brand credibility, long-term growth follows.

Boosting brand credibility is therefore also our vision on how we can best help brands scale next level by implementing brand credibility strategies. And the best way to do this is with the help of visual storytelling (video and design).

Everything we help with has one primary goal: increase brand credibility with the help of visual storytelling, in turn boosting long term growth.

Success stories

We are active in the blockchain and crypto markets since 2020.

Since then we have been actively involved in long-term partnerships with ambitious teams as a creative growth partner and we are in part responsible for some of the growth of well known brands such as Decrypt, Polymesh, Protocol Labs, Vertex and Olympus, amongst many others.

By now we have completed over 450 video and design projects from over 100 clients and our in-house team has grown to 7 full time members.

For example: our animation videos helped secure 8.5m+ in community funding, attracted academy learners, helped pre-sale signups and increased Youtube channels with 2.000 organic subscribers.

For an in-depth overview of recent succes stories, please visit our case studies page. Also have a look at our testimonials page to get a sense of what our partners have to say about us.

How we collaborate with you

Selecting a reliable creative growth partner is the key to whether your brand achieves success or remains in the shadows.

To ensure a harmonious partnership, we always initiate the process with a Discovery & Introduction call. This allows us to gauge our compatibility, synergy, and alignment of expectations.

At Slance, we typically function as an extension of your marketing team, providing strategy, video and design solutions. Our strategic expertise and on-demand production capabilities make us the ideal creative partner for sustained growth. The foundation of our collaboration is a strategy that we co-create with you as our client.

Our certification from equips us to assist you in shaping the narrative around your brand, setting you apart from the competition.

Additionally, our extensive knowledge of digital marketing ensures that video and design seamlessly integrate into your overarching marketing strategy.

These two components, Story and Strategy, serve as the cornerstone for long-term success. Our “strategy guide” acts as our reference point, ensuring that we consistently meet your expectations and marketing objectives throughout our journey together.

Once we’ve defined the Strategy and Story, we move on to the production process, delivering content tailored to each specific stage of the customer journey:

First-contact campaigns (Top of Funnel):
For initial contact campaigns, we create social shorts that enhance brand visibility on social platforms. Social shorts are concise, attention-grabbing visuals designed to prompt an immediate call to action.

Educational content (Middle of Funnel):
When your target audience becomes aware of your brand, we produce educational animation videos that help them understand the value your brand offers. By imparting knowledge and expertise, you establish yourself as an authority, strengthening the connection between you and your prospective audience.

Onboarding (Bottom of Funnel):
Once your ideal audience is aware of your brand and has developed a level of trust, we can create onboarding videos to guide users through the final steps of joining your platform, transforming them into long-term customers or end users.

Customer satisfaction (on-going):
Even after successfully onboarding satisfied users, it’s crucial to maintain a top-of-mind presence and encourage ongoing platform usage. We can assist in achieving this by generating helpful and engaging content on a weekly basis. Keeping your audience engaged ensures increased exposure to your brand.

Winning in an ultra competitive market

We don’t have to tell you how super difficult it is to grow in the thriving blockchain / crypto space.

Reason being: the growth potential is enormous, the gains are gigantic (and so are the risks). And therefore the competition is immensely fierce.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Growth in 2023 means video.

There’s no way around this fact: video now demands 65% of all internet traffic and it is by far the preferred medium to communicate, educate and entertain. Video far outranks podcasts, written blog content and social content.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t focus on other marketing channels. We’re saying that the best results generally come from video, followed by all other channels.

Our years of industry knowledge helps us answer questions such as:Β 

  • How do we grow from obscurity to prominence? You’ve been in the startup phase for a while and you want to grow into a mature brand. You want to scale next level, and we help you do it with our 4-Step Creative Growth Plan, crafted specifically towards your goals and vision.
  • How do we stand out from 20.506+ blockchain brands? Like we said, the market is thriving but at the same time very competitive. By creating a solid strategy that serves as the foundation for long term success, we help you stand out from the competition from first-contact to onboarding.
  • How do we become an industry leader, a go-to solution? Brand credibility is the only way for a blockchain brand to become a top-rated project. The best way to accomplish this is by being visible and educating your customers. Educate them on how to make their lives better. Be a guide and offer a plan they can follow.

Furthermore we solve common problems blockchain and crypto brands run into, such as:

  • Getting better listings
  • Organic growth rather than continuous ad-spend
  • Getting better funding
  • Onboarding the new wave of Web3 super users (and helping mass adoption once this wave hits).
  • Growing from obscurity to prominence without the help of influencers.
  • Turning followers into believers. Our social short productions do exactly this: they convert followers into loyal followers with quick to-the-point videos specifically made for social channels.

All of the above is answered by our unique developed 4-Step Creative Growth Plan.

Our 4-Step Creative Growth Plan

We have something special that is going to help you stand out from the competition and position yourself to become a top-rated project.

Our 4-Step Creative Growth Plan is the summary of years of industry insights, best practices and success stories from ambitious brands we’ve worked with.

We share all the best insights and winning strategies into one plan, which helps you guide your brand to prominence step by step.

This plan does not replace your marketing strategy, rather it’s an addition to it that boosts the effectiveness of all marketing efforts.

By including visual storytelling into your overall marketing strategy, we create the foundation for long term growth.

The 4-Step Creative Growth Plan is all about identifying growth opportunities and capitalizing on them.

4 steps for long-term success

01. Story


Crafting the narrative around your brand


1-on-1 sessions with a Donald Miller certified guide


Improving your marketing strategy by clarifying your message


Eliminate confusion, better connect with your audience


Identifying your ideal audience(s) + value proposition

02. Branding


Defining a coherent, recognizable visual style


Create a blueprint for visual communication


Strengthen brand identity


Visual style in line with vision, mission and core values


Crafting a brand book for all future communication

03. Strategy


Identifying growth areas based on Story and Branding


Tailor a content roadmap around creatives for the best acquisition channels


Video & design plan for continuous top-of-mind content


Fitting creative content into your overall marketing strategy


Product & Service strategy based around video and design

04. Production


Producing Video & Design content based on Strategy and Story


Content roadmap from A-Z


Social content from A-Z


Design productions from A-Z


Subscription or Bespoke pricing options

A Brief Introduction to Our Team

We take immense pride in being recognized as one of the leading Blockchain and Crypto Creative Growth partner in this dynamic market.

Having been in operation since 2020, we’ve empowered over 100 visionary Blockchain brands to emerge as the preferred solution within their respective niches, all thanks to our engaging promotional social shorts and educational animation videos, based on our unique 4-step Creative Growth Plan.

Our journey has seen us successfully complete more than 450 projects, earning glowing reviews from over 65 satisfied clients. We encourage you to read these reviews to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we offer.

Our in-house team comprises seven passionate designers, writers, and animators, all of whom work remotely. Our fully remote operation makes us exceptionally efficient, with minimal overhead costs.

This efficiency has a profoundly positive impact on our pricing structure, rendering us highly competitive. When compared to other blockchain animation studios, we are approximately 60% more cost-effective.

However, our cost-effectiveness is underpinned by a strategic choice. Instead of investing heavily in a single high-end super-video that consumes the majority of your marketing budget, we advocate investing in multiple creative content pieces.

This approach ensures more frequent interactions with your audience and enables the easy reuse of content. Our pricing model is designed to optimize your Return on Investment (ROI), recognizing that a single video is no longer sufficient.

In the current landscape, you require a range of engaging videos to bolster your comprehensive marketing campaign.




Project Lead








Storybrand certified

Our Pricing Models Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that flexibility in pricing is crucial to align with your evolving needs as you navigate different stages of growth.

That’s why we offer a range of pricing models designed to suit your unique requirements.

Price Estimates:
Transparency and fair pricing are our priorities. We provide price estimates before a project begins, and as the project nears completion, we share the final price based on the actual time invested (with comprehensive time tracking). This approach ensures that you always have a clear understanding of the total project cost without worrying about exceeding your budget.

Flat Rate Pricing:
For one-time projects like animation videos or social shorts, we offer straightforward flat-rate pricing. You pay a fixed amount per deliverable. In the case of design work, we charge our standard agency rate of $65 per hour, with meticulous time tracking. Our design services cover a wide spectrum, including landing page design, web design, social content, banners, whitepapers, pitch decks, and any other design requests you may have.

⭐ View Our Pricing

Subscription Pricing:
Ideal for crypto brands with ongoing content needs, we offer three subscription options:

  • Weekly deliverables: Suited for teams with weekly graphic and video requirements.
  • Bi-Daily deliverables: Designed for teams with frequent graphic and video needs.
  • Daily deliverables: Catering to teams with on-demand graphic and video needs.

Subscriptions not only offer cost-effectiveness but also foster a mutually beneficial partnership, ensuring sustainable, long-term growth.

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Bespoke Pricing:
Designed for ambitious teams with ambitious goals, our bespoke pricing model encompasses Strategy, Story, Production, and Implementation. This all-encompassing approach involves:

  • Strategy: We create a tailor-made plan that seamlessly integrates into your overall marketing strategy, ensuring the achievement of both short-term and long-term goals throughout the year.
  • Story: Crafting a compelling narrative around your brand, setting you apart from competitors. This ‘Storybrand’ serves as the cornerstone for all communication and marketing efforts.
  • Production: Delivering a continuous flow of design, motion graphics, videos, and social shorts according to your marketing strategy’s schedule.
  • Implementation: We oversee and enhance your video channels, providing monthly marketing reports and quarterly strategy sessions.

With Bespoke pricing, we function as your creative growth partner, focusing on long-term growth and maximizing your potential to become a top 1000 Crypto brand.

⭐ View Our Bespoke Pricing

Our pricing models are designed to adapt to your unique needs at every stage of your journey.

About us

Active since 2020 and trusted by 100+ brands, we are one of the premier animation & design studios operating in the thriving Web3 space.

Our in-house team specializes in simplifying complex with fresh animations, helping ambitious brands scale next level with our unique 4-step Creative Content Plan.

When you work with us, we guarantee real results that serve as the foundation for long term growth and is a worthy investment into the future of your company.








In-house team


Testimonials πŸ”₯

β€œSlance is really responsive and professional. Nailed the edits and the platform for feedback is practical to use. Overall very impressed.”



β€œOur continued partnership with team Slance has been wonderful and we are looking forward to working more often in the future.”



β€œOur video promo-edu series made by Slance looks great. Wonderful visuals and great delivery.”



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