Average production time is 2-3 weeks. The process is collaborative in nature.

Video production

Professionally communicate key benefits and features with an animated explainer video.

Project explainer

Video game teasers

Educational explainer

How to / Tutorial

Promotional explainer

Branded overlay


Project explainer video

What we do best: simplifying concepts with the help of animation. 

Project explainer videos are proven way to generate positive exposure that boosts growth.

This video format increases the legitimacy of a project and can be used for promotion, education or marketing purposes.

Branded overlay

Animated screen recording overlay that highlights important clicks and events so the viewer can easily follow along step by step.

Social media kit

Partnership GIFs, AMA announcement GIFs, social banners, ICO funding GIFs, PooCoin ads, …

Animated NFTs

Make any project, audit or partnership more legit by adding an NFT to it.