Blockchain Animation Studio

You want to become a top-rated project in the upcoming bullmarket, ready for mass adoption.

We understand why, but you face one major issue that significantly impacts your growth potential: a lack of trust in the blockchain industry.Β 

Despite the existence of numerous outstanding and innovative projects in the thriving blockchain space, many struggle to transition from the startup phase to becoming well-established brands due to the difficulty of attracting new users, primarily because of credibility issues.

This is where our professional services as a Blockchain Animation Studio come into play. We specialize in promoting ambitious concepts by simplifying complexity through animation, thereby establishing your brand as an authoritative figure within your blockchain niche.

Having been active since 2020, we have assisted prominent blockchain brands such as Decrypt, Protocol Labs, Infura, and Polymesh. We leverage the insights gained from years of success storiesΒ to craft a custom-made plan that seamlessly integrates into your overall marketing strategy.

In this guide, we will walk you through our comprehensive process, from A to Z, and demonstrate how we can help you become a top-of-mind brand in your blockchain niche.

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But first, let’s discuss how we collaborate with your brand:

Selecting a reliable creative growth partner is the key to determining whether your brand achieves success or remains in the shadows.

To ensure a harmonious partnership, we always initiate the process with a Discovery & Introduction call. This allows us to gauge our compatibility, synergy, and alignment of expectations.

At Slance, we typically function as an extension of your marketing team, providing strategy, video and design solutions. Our strategic expertise and on-demand production capabilities make us the ideal creative partner for sustained growth. The foundation of our collaboration is a strategy that we co-create with you as our client.

In short: we have developed a unique 4-step Creative Content Plan based on years of industry insights that rocket-boosts the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts. With this plan we help you go from Strategy to Production to Execution and we guarantee real results within 3 months.Β 

Our certification from equips us to assist you in shaping the narrative around your brand, setting you apart from competitors.

Additionally, our extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies ensures that video and design seamlessly integrate into your overarching marketing strategy.

These two components, Story and Strategy, serve as the cornerstone for long-term success. Our “strategy guide” acts as our reference point, ensuring that we consistently meet your expectations and marketing objectives throughout our journey together.

Once we’ve defined the Strategy and Story, we move on to the production process, delivering content tailored to each specific stage of the customer journey:

First-contact campaigns (Top of Funnel):
For initial contact campaigns, we create social shorts that enhance brand visibility on social platforms. Social shorts are concise, attention-grabbing visuals designed to prompt an immediate call to action.

Educational content (Middle of Funnel):
When your target audience becomes aware of your brand, we produce educational animation videos that help them understand the value your brand offers. By imparting knowledge and expertise, you establish yourself as an authority, strengthening the connection between you and your prospective audience.

Onboarding (Bottom of Funnel):
Once your ideal audience is aware of your brand and has developed a level of trust, we can create onboarding videos to guide users through the final steps of joining your platform, transforming them into long-term customers or end users.

Client satisfaction (on-going):
Even after successfully onboarding satisfied clients, it’s crucial to maintain a top-of-mind presence and encourage ongoing platform usage. We can assist in achieving this by generating helpful and engaging content on a weekly basis. Keeping your audience engaged ensures increased exposure to your brand.

Winning in an ultra competitive market

We don’t have to tell you how super difficult it is to grow in the thriving blockchain space.

Reason being: the growth potential is enormous, the gains are gigantic (and so are the risks). And therefore the competition is immensely fierce.

Let’s get one thing out of the way straight away: Growth in 2023 means video.

There’s no way around this fact: video now demands 65% of all internet traffic and it is by far the preferred medium to communicate, educate and entertain. Video far outranks podcasts, written blog content and social content.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t focus on other marketing channels. We’re saying that the best Return On Investment comes from video, followed by all other channels.

Our years of industry knowledge helps us answer questions such as:Β 

  • How do we grow from obscurity to prominence? You’ve been in the startup phase for a while and you want to grow into a mature brand. You want to scale next level, and we help you do it with our 4-Step Creative Content Plan, crafted specifically towards your goals and vision.
  • How do we stand out from 20.506+ blockchain brands? Like we said, the market is thriving but at the same time very competitive. By creating a solid strategy that serves as the foundation for long term success, we help you stand out from the competition from first-contact to onboarding.
  • How do we become an industry leader, a go-to solution? Brand credibility is the only way for a blockchain brand to become a top-rated project. The best way to accomplish this is by being visible and educating your customers. Educate them on how to make their lives better. Be a guide and offer a plan they can follow.

Furthermore we solve common problems blockchain brands run into, such as:

  • Getting better listings
  • Organic growth rather than continenous ad-spend
  • Getting better funding
  • Onboarding the new wave of Web3 super users (and helping mass adoption once this wave hits).
  • Growing from obscurity to prominence without the help of influencers.
  • Turning followers into believers. Our social short productions do exactly this: they convert followers into loyal followers with quick to-the-point videos specifically made for social channels.

Β All of the above is answered by our unique developed 4-Step Creative Content Plan.

Our 4-Step Creative Content Plan

We have something special that is going to help you stand out from the competition and position yourself to become a top-rated project.

Our 4-Step Creative Content Plan is the summary of years of industry insights, best practises and succesful use cases from ambitious brands we’ve worked with.

We share all the best insights and winning strategies into one plan, which helps you guide your brand to prominence step by step.

This plan does not replace your marketing strategy, rather it’s an addition to it that boosts the effectiveness of all marketing efforts.

By including visual storytelling into your overall marketing strategy, we create the foundation for long term growth.

The 4-Step Creative Growth Plan is all about identifying growth opportunities.

The plan in detail:

  1. Audit. We take a look at what you’re doing right now and look for concrete improvements.
  2. Story. Crafting the narrative around your ideal customer and press on their immediate pain points. Then we position your brand a helpful guide that is going to make their lives better. Storytelling speaks to your customers on a deep level and is the key to clarifying your marketing communication.
  3. Strategy. With the audit and Story ready we can develop a concrete strategy with the focus on 1 or 2 main growth channels.
  4. Production. Based on the strategy, we start producing content (video, design, social shorts, …) that is perfectly in line with the Story and Strategy. This way we clarify every type of communication and campaign we run, with great results.Β 

Don’t just take our word for it that our unique plan really works. Read a few of our client testimonials to see how we’ve helped them grow from startup to mature brands.Β 

We guarantee real results within 3 months from the moment we start working together.

A Brief Introduction to Our Team

We take immense pride in being recognized as one of the leading Blockchain Animation Studios in this dynamic market.

Having been in operation since 2020, we’ve empowered over 100 visionary Blockchain brands to emerge as the preferred solution within their respective niches, all thanks to our engaging promotional social shorts and educational animation videos, based on our unique 4-step Creative Content Plan.

Our journey has seen us successfully complete more than 450 projects, earning glowing reviews from over 65 satisfied clients. We encourage you to read these reviews to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we offer.

Our in-house team comprises seven passionate designers, writers, and animators, all of whom work remotely. Our fully remote operation makes us exceptionally efficient, with minimal overhead costs.

This efficiency has a profoundly positive impact on our pricing structure, rendering us highly competitive. When compared to other blockchain animation studios, we are approximately 60% more cost-effective.

However, our cost-effectiveness is underpinned by a strategic choice. Instead of investing heavily in a single high-end super-video that consumes the majority of your marketing budget, we advocate investing in multiple videos.

This approach ensures more frequent interactions with your audience and enables the easy reuse of content. Our pricing model is designed to optimize your Return on Investment (ROI), recognizing that a single video is no longer sufficient.

In the current landscape, you require a range of engaging videos to bolster your comprehensive marketing campaign.




Project Lead








Storybrand certified

Our Pricing Models Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that flexibility in pricing is crucial to align with your evolving needs as you navigate different stages of growth.

That’s why we offer a range of pricing models designed to suit your unique requirements.

Price Estimates:
Transparency and fair pricing are our priorities. We provide price estimates before a project begins, and as the project nears completion, we share the final price based on the actual time invested (with comprehensive time tracking). This approach ensures that you always have a clear understanding of the total project cost without worrying about exceeding your budget.

Flat Rate Pricing:
For one-time projects like animation videos or social shorts, we offer straightforward flat-rate pricing. You pay a fixed amount per deliverable. In the case of design work, we charge our standard agency rate of $65 per hour, with meticulous time tracking. Our design services cover a wide spectrum, including landing page design, web design, social content, banners, whitepapers, pitch decks, and any other design requests you may have.

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Subscription Pricing:
Ideal for blockchain brands with ongoing content needs, we offer three subscription options:

  • Weekly deliverables: Suited for teams with weekly graphic and video requirements.
  • Bi-Daily deliverables: Designed for teams with frequent graphic and video needs.
  • Daily deliverables: Catering to teams with on-demand graphic and video needs.

Subscriptions not only offer cost-effectiveness but also foster a mutually beneficial partnership, ensuring sustainable, long-term growth.

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Bespoke Pricing:
Designed for ambitious teams with ambitious goals, our bespoke pricing model encompasses Strategy, Story, Production, and Implementation. This all-encompassing approach involves:

  • Strategy: We create a tailor-made plan that seamlessly integrates into your overall marketing strategy, ensuring the achievement of both short-term and long-term goals throughout the year.
  • Story: Crafting a compelling narrative around your brand, setting you apart from competitors. This ‘Storybrand’ serves as the cornerstone for all communication and marketing efforts.
  • Production: Delivering a continuous flow of design, motion graphics, videos, and social shorts according to your marketing strategy’s schedule.
  • Implementation: We oversee and enhance your video channels, providing monthly marketing reports and quarterly strategy sessions.

With Bespoke pricing, we function as your creative growth partner, focusing on long-term growth and maximizing your potential to become a top 1000 blockchain brand.

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Our pricing models are designed to adapt to your unique needs at every stage of your journey.

The Benefits of Harnessing Animation for Blockchain Brands

Utilizing an animation studio for your blockchain startup or growth-stage brand extends far beyond merely creating a few videos and sharing them on your social media channels.

Let’s delve into the five key advantages of incorporating animation into your marketing strategy:

  • Visual Appeal and Engagement: Animation possesses a unique power to captivate audiences with visually striking and engaging content. Whether it’s animated videos or graphics, this medium excels in conveying intricate ideas and messages in a simple, entertaining, and easily comprehensible manner. The visual allure of animation can set your company apart and make a lasting impact on your target audience.
  • Versatility: Animation finds applications across a spectrum of marketing and communication channels, including websites, social media, advertising, presentations, and more. Whether you require explainer videos, product demonstrations, or compelling storytelling, animation adapts seamlessly to various formats and platforms. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for promoting your brand and products.
  • Cost-Effective Production: While producing high-quality live-action videos can be costly, animation often provides a more cost-effective alternative. Once created, animated assets can be repurposed, modified, and reused, resulting in long-term cost savings. This attribute proves especially beneficial for startups and small businesses operating within budget constraints.
  • Unlimited Creative Possibilities: Animation liberates your creative potential, allowing you to craft imaginary worlds, characters, and scenarios that may be impractical or prohibitively expensive to replicate in the real world. This creative freedom empowers your company to express its distinctive brand identity and connect with the audience in a way that transcends the bounds of reality.
  • Global Appeal and Accessibility: Animation transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. It can be seamlessly adapted for international audiences, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to expand globally. Furthermore, animations can be made accessible to individuals with disabilities through features like closed captions, subtitles, and other assistive technologies, promoting inclusivity and broadening your reach.

Incorporating animation into your blockchain marketing and communication strategies can enable your business to narrate compelling stories, simplify intricate concepts, and effectively engage your audience. Ultimately, this contributes to business growth and success.

Remember: Trust stands as the paramount growth catalyst in the blockchain industry, and animation videos serve as the most potent driver of trust

Exploring the Diverse World of Animation

Animation videos encompass a rich variety of formats and types, each catering to different needs and objectives. Your choice depends on how well a particular format aligns with your overarching marketing strategy. Here, we’ll dive into three primary animation types that Slance specializes in:

1. Animation Videos:

  • These form the foundational type of animation videos, often utilized for promotional and educational content. Tailored to simplify complex ideas, animation videos serve to position your brand as an authoritative source by explaining intricate subjects.
  • Ideal for educating new users or elucidating challenging concepts, animation video productions are particularly well-suited for social media channels.
  • Our productions are highly versatile; a single animation video can be repurposed for multiple purposes. We can segment it into smaller, standalone videos for social content or use specific scenes as the basis for other videos.

2. Social Shorts:

  • Social shorts are concise, to-the-point videos designed to swiftly capture attention and enhance brand visibility. They play a crucial role in converting your followers into devoted advocates, considering the mere seconds you have to make a lasting impact.
  • Typically ranging from 5 to 15 seconds in length, social shorts have a singular, clear objective: to either onboard users, promote a product or service, or rapidly educate on a topic that acts as a springboard to a more comprehensive explainer video.
  • These shorts are optimized for both horizontal and vertical views, accommodating platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts.
  • We always ensure that social shorts align with the overarching video strategy, which, in turn, supports the broader marketing strategy.

3. Motion Graphics:

  • Motion graphics encompass any visually animated elements, such as those found on websites or within animated whitepapers, which have gained popularity within the blockchain industry.
  • They are also prevalent in infographics and pitch decks. Motion graphics effectively draw attention to and highlight specific features or products, utilizing animated graphic elements, typography, and visual effects to convey information or narrate a story.

Beyond these primary animation types, there are additional variations to consider:

2D Animation:

  • This classic style involves creating two-dimensional characters and environments, ranging from hand-drawn animations to sophisticated digital creations. 2D animation finds frequent use in cartoons, explainer videos, and educational content.

3D Animation:

  • 3D animation involves crafting three-dimensional characters and objects. It is prevalent in the film industry, especially for animated movies, as well as in video games and product visualization. 3D animation introduces depth and realism to the visuals.

Stop Motion Animation:

  • This technique entails moving and photographing physical objects frame by frame, creating the illusion of movement. It is employed in claymation, puppet animation, and certain special effects in films, offering a tactile and charming quality to animations.

Whiteboard Animation:

  • Whiteboard animation, also known as video scribing, features hand-drawn illustrations on a white background while a narration explains a concept or story. It is commonly used for educational and explainer videos.


  • Often favored in blockchain games and game-related concepts, pixelation is a unique form of stop motion animation. It involves live actors or objects being posed and repositioned incrementally between shots to create surreal and humorous effects. This technique is frequently seen in experimental and artistic animations.

Selecting the right animation type aligns with your objectives and ensures that your content effectively communicates with your target audience.

Compelling Reasons to Collaborate with a Blockchain Animation Studio

We acknowledge the initial reservations that may arise when considering partnership with a blockchain animation studio.

However, we firmly believe that such a collaboration can propel your brand to the next level. Our combination of highly competitive pricing and years of industry insights make us a valuable addition to your marketing team. Here are the convincing arguments in favor of working with us:

1. Enhanced Visual Appeal:

  • We specialize in crafting visually captivating and distinctive content, elevating your brand’s visibility in a crowded market. The visually engaging nature of animation can leave a lasting impression, making your brand more memorable and eye-catching.

2. Storytelling Excellence:

  • Our proficiency in storytelling, reinforced by our certification, empowers us to connect with audiences on a profound level. Through animation, you can effectively convey your brand’s unique message, values, and identity in a compelling and emotionally resonant manner.

3. Cost-Effectiveness:

  • Animation often serves as a cost-effective alternative to live-action production. Once created, animated assets can be repurposed, modified, and reused for various projects, resulting in long-term cost savings.

4. Creative Freedom:

  • Animation unlocks boundless creativity, enabling the creation of characters, scenarios, and environments free from the constraints of the real world. This creative freedom allows your brand to express its personality in unique and innovative ways, particularly relevant in the context of the blockchain industry, which closely relates to the concept of the Metaverse.

5. Educational Value:

  • Animation serves as a powerful educational tool for informing customers about your products, services, or complex concepts. It simplifies information and guides customers through your offerings, facilitating a deeper understanding.

6. Consistency in Branding:

  • Animation studios can develop characters and elements that consistently embody your brand’s identity. This consistency fosters brand recognition and loyalty over time, reinforcing your brand’s presence in the market.

Incorporating animation into your marketing strategy through our studio can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility, engagement, and communication, ultimately contributing to your brand’s growth and success in the blockchain industry.

The Animation Process for Blockchain Productions

At our studio, we take pride in our efficient production pipeline, offering a swift turnaround time of 3-5 days for the initial phases of production.

Following this initial stage, we enter a phase of refinements and feedback, culminating in the implementation of the final animation. Here is an overview of the animation video production process, which typically consists of several essential stages:

Concept Development + Story Narrative:

  • Define the animation’s purpose and objectives.
  • Create a concept or script outlining the story, characters, and key messages.
  • Establish a target audience and define the animation’s style.
  • Craft a compelling narrative that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with the intended audience.


  • Storyboarding: Develop a visual storyboard to plan the sequence of scenes.
  • Script Finalization: Fine-tune the script, including dialogues and narration.
  • Character Design: Create and design characters, including their appearance and personality, based on the Story strategy guidelines.
  • Asset Creation: Develop any necessary visual elements, props, and backgrounds.
  • Voice Acting (if applicable): Cast and record voice actors for characters and narration, ensuring clear and expressive delivery of lines. (Note: Voice acting is optional for Social shorts)


  • Animation: Utilize 2D or 3D software to bring characters, objects, and scenes to life through animation.
  • Texturing and Lighting: Apply textures, colors, and lighting to enhance the animation’s visual appeal.
  • Sound Design: Integrate sound effects and background music to elevate the viewer’s experience.


  • Editing: Assemble the animation scenes, add transitions, and fine-tune the timing.
  • Compositing: Combine various elements, such as characters and backgrounds, to create the final visuals.
  • Color Correction: Adjust colors and tones for consistency and enhanced visual appeal.

Quality Assurance:

  • Review and refine the animation to ensure it aligns with the project’s goals and meets established standards.
  • Address any issues, errors, or inconsistencies.


  • Render the final animation, involving the processing and export of individual frames into a video format.

Audio Post-Production (if applicable):

  • Mix and master the audio elements to attain optimal sound quality.

Distribution and Marketing:

  • Determine the distribution channels for your animation, whether it’s on your website, social media platforms, or video-sharing platforms.
  • Implement a marketing strategy to promote your animation and reach your target audience.

Feedback and Revisions (if necessary):

  • Gather feedback from stakeholders or test audiences.
  • Make any necessary revisions or improvements to the animation.

Final Delivery:

  • Deliver the completed animation in the desired format for distribution.

Analytics and Evaluation:

  • Monitor the performance and engagement of the animation, particularly based on the selected social channels.

Our meticulous animation process ensures that your blockchain production is a comprehensive and engaging representation of your brand, resonating with your audience while meeting your objectives.

About us

Active since 2020 and trusted by 100+ brands, we are one of the premier animation & design studios operating in the thriving Web3 space.

Our in-house team specializes in simplifying complex with fresh animations, helping ambitious brands scale next level with our unique 4-step Creative Content Plan.

When you work with us, we guarantee real results that serve as the foundation for long term growth and is a worthy investment into the future of your company.








In-house team


Testimonials πŸ”₯

β€œSlance is really responsive and professional. Nailed the edits and the platform for feedback is practical to use. Overall very impressed.”



β€œOur continued partnership with team Slance has been wonderful and we are looking forward to working more often in the future.”



β€œOur video promo-edu series made by Slance looks great. Wonderful visuals and great delivery.”



Pricing ⭐

Animation videos

$20 / second


Perfect for a long-term growth strategy


~ 30-90 seconds


Horizontal or Vertical


Educate with narrative-driven storytelling and in-depth product promotion


Boost brand credibility


Slower pace, highly engaging


Includes Voice over


Includes script, storyboards, animation, voice


Simplify complex with flat & isometric animation


Unlimited revisions + feedback and refinement


Fully designed in line with brand guidelines


No royalties, copyright or watermarks


1-2 weeks delivery time

Social shorts

$15 / second


Perfect for quick promotion campaigns


~ 05-30 seconds


Horizontal or Vertical


Onboarding, mini-education, promotion, product demos


Boost Top of Funnel visibility


Faster pace, highly engaging


Optional: Voice over


Includes script, storyboards, animation


Simplify complex with flat & isometric animation


Unlimited revisions + feedback and refinement


Fully designed in line with brand guidelines


No royalties, copyright or watermarks


2-4 days delivery time

Design + Motion graphics

$65 / hour


Perfect for improving overall branding


Social content, short-&-sweet animations, podcasts, event videos


UI / UX design, web design, platform design


Banners, GIFs, loops, images, ...


Logo design, brand style guides, brand books, ...


Whitepapers, pitch decks, investor presentations, ...


NFT Artwork, NFT collections, traits


Fully designed in line with brand guidelines


No royalties, copyright or watermarks


2-4 days delivery time

On-demand needs? View subscriptions, from $650 / m

FAQ πŸ’―

What is included in the price?

All pricing includes:

  • One feedback round per production phase (1x script, 1x storyboard, 1x full length)
  • No royalties, no watermarks, no copyright
  • Variations (for designs)
  • High end quality, comparable to showreel productions
  • Visual style in line with brand guidelines
Why wouldn't we hire in-house?

Fair question!

Our reasoning is that currently the cost of hiring one in-house videographer / animator / designer far exceeds our pricing. This is because of scarce availability in the blockchain space, as well as having to offer extra benefits on top of a competitive salary. And the recruitment process can be time consuming that comes with a work in period.

Additional to a videographer / animator, you'll need a voice artist, designer and script writer for full video productions. These are all roles we have readily available on our in-house team.Β 

Working with us, you are fully unburdoned for the entire video production proces. From A-Z, all stages are handled by us and you'll only have to sign off on the final video result you are satisfied with.

Are videos or designs created by AI?

No. We do not use any AI software to help generate designs, logos, scenes, storyboards, scripts or voice over at any step in the production process.

The videos and designs we produce for you are 100% made by our in-house team of illustrators, designers and writers. Every step in the process is hand-done by us before its good to go to the next phase. Any video we deliver is of the highest quality and human-made.

Note; we are experimenting with AI and how it can benefit the overal video production process. So far we've had succes with ideation / inspiration and script writing. However, in it's current state, AI cannot replace the creativity needed for video productions that humans provide.

What are additional options per video?

We offer the following options for every video production:

  • Unlimited revisions / feedback / refinement at $65 / hour
  • Export transitions / effects / elements into graphic files: $25
  • Separate scenes into social shorts: +$25 / scene
  • Subtitles (hardcoded): +$95 per language
  • 4k production + export (future proof): +$250
  • Purchase source file: 0.75% total cost
  • Thumbnail: +$35
What if a project does not match expectations?

Not to worry, we keep designing and refining until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Can we purchase source files?

Yes, we offer the purchase of source files at an extra charge, to be decided per video project.

How is your typical workflow?

Every project starts with a discovery call in which requirements and wishes are discussed. Based on your input we draft a delivery timeline and after an upfront payment we kickstart the project by writing the script.

After the script is approved we move onto to voice over production.

When the voice over is done we design the storyboards + a short demo.

Once the demo is approved we continue with the full length production, which also has a feedback + refinement stage after its completed.

Once the video is approved by you we share the final video file.

In short, the workflow is as follows:

  1. Discovery call
  2. Script writing
  3. Voice acting
  4. Storyboards + demo
  5. Full length video + feedback
  6. Finalized video
Do you offer discounts?

Our prices are already exceptionally competitive, and we therefore do not offer discounts. We do however offer perks that come with higher volume orders such as set delivery times, recurring timelots and discounted freedback prices.

How is payment handled?

We offer invoices to be paid via bank transfer or crypto transfer (bep20/erc20) in any stablecoin currency.

What industries do you work with?

We work with and in the following industries / markets:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • NFT art
  • NFT collections
  • NFT gaming
  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain gaming
  • TradFi
  • DeFi
  • Web3 (overarching)

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