Blockchain video marketing

General distrust in the blockchain industry is negatively impacting your growth potential. 

We help you solve this problem with blockchain video marketing. By positioning yourself as authority within your blockchain niche, you effectively boost brand credibility and in turn long-term growth. 

Because in a pseudo-anonymous blockchain market, trust is the most important currency.

Keep reading to discover how our service offers value to your brand, how we approach the production process and recent examples.

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Top notch blockchain video content at Slance


In the attempt to find out more about Blockchain, most internet users will quickly stumble upon confusing sentences and unfamiliar terms connected with this technology.

“Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger”

Immutable, digital, decentralized – what does it all mean and how do these terms describe this revolutionary technology?

These keywords, In simple terms, point out the fact that blockchain is a “chain” of data, where every transaction is transparently “written” in packets of information called blocks, which cannot be changed once they are written thus making it secure and trustless.

Besides immutability, decentralisation is another important aspect of the blockchain, meaning its infrastructure is not centralized by a single entity, but instead it is secured through a limitless number of users.


Why is the Blockchain technology revolutionary?


Blockchain is a revolutionary tech for many reasons, in the simplest terms; it solves certain barriers in the safe distribution of data across the internet by utilizing open source technology.

Such solutions were difficult to come up with before the emergence of this tech, which is being researched today even in the most important sectors, including the world of finance and the medical services industry.

Blockchain will reveal more and more of its benefits through time, as it starts getting closer to the general public, thus changing the ways we operate most of today’s services.

How is Cryptocurrency connected to Blockchain technology?


One of the most wide-spread use cases of Blockchain technology is established through its close connection to the world of Cryptocurrency.

These digital currencies, as they are sometimes called, are the first step into the world of blockchain for most people today.

Although being limitless in its expansion, blockchain technology is not a novelty anymore, and an increasing number of developers are joining the space to build their own apps, protocols and different types of smart contracts.

With the space getting bigger and more complex, simply building on the blockchain is not enough anymore to be easily spotted by relevant market players or investors.

Additionally, the mechanics and features of smart contracts can be difficult to understand for regular investors, making the efforts of presenting a project to its target audience a bigger challenge each passing year.

On the other hand, the interest in the blockchain space has been in a rapidly increasing trend since the emergence of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

The rising trend is creating a fertile ground to grab exposure with experienced blockchain veterans, but also newcomers into the space.

Instead of trying to reach an audience through overly complex strategies, a solution that enables investors to quickly discover and educate themselves on a project should be a rather quick and easy one.

What is “Video Marketing” in Blockchain?


Blockchain Video Marketing is an efficient and easy method for showcasing, explaining and presenting blockchain projects to a wide audience through popular promotional channels.

Presenting blockchain projects through video content is a method which helps investors and blockchain enthusiasts save time while educating through short and visually appealing video content.

Why have it complex, when you can have it simple.

Here, at Slance, our videos are created with the aim to provide an easy viewing experience, relying on simple animation techniques and simplifying concepts to portray relevant information to its viewers.

We are driven by the intention to provide users with an easy way of researching, educating on and discovering blockchain projects.

From the developers’ point of view, using Blockchain Video Marketing helps developers communicate their goals, project features and key information to supporters, while at the same time helping the projects stand out in the market and successfully find its target audience.

How can you benefit by using Blockchain Video Marketing?


The evolution of blockchain-specific marketing is moving as fast as the evolution of the technology itself.

Such a fast moving dynamic requires its participants to adapt their marketing methods quickly, if they do not want to be left behind by teams with extensive knowledge in up-to-date marketing.

This is where Video Marketing in blockchain comes to its rightful role.

Marketing a blockchain project through our video content makes for a great way to:

  • Showcase the project in an easy and appealing way
  • Educate users on the mechanics, use cases and other important aspects of a blockchain project
  • Explain how to use protocols, wallets or dApps with a simple video guide
  • Explain or educate viewers on any topic, product or a service required by our client
  • Explain the tokenomics of a project
  • Guide investors on where and how to buy the project’s tokens

What are the benefits of using our video content services?


Slance is a dedicated team with extensive knowledge in blockchain, brand creation and video production.

Our services are always delivered on time and we take our roles in the team responsibly to ensure a satisfactory result for our clients.

Relying on open-source technology, and being unregulated as it is, the blockchain space offers anyone a chance to get involved by offering their services, which has brought an uprising of different service providers of all kinds.

Instead of being worried by this trend, we simply focus on up-leveling our services, while aiming to stand out from the rest in the market using our professional approach and exquisite service quality, while remaining competitive with our prices.

Our team has a great combination of blockchain, marketing and branding professionals as well as experts in the fields of animation and script writing.

This variety of skills is what enables the creation of top-notch content in as short a time-span as possible, while delivering great results.

Regarding client relations, we are open to collaboration with clients in a flexible way, adapting to each project’s individual needs, so that the team can feel free to communicate with us their end goals and requirements.

The production process with Slance is an interactive one, engaging our clients in a feedback driven system which ensures a maximum level of satisfaction for them.

What does the video production process look like?


The creation process for our videos is done through several steps, for which we have dedicated specific roles in the team, thus enabling the team members of each role to completely focus on delivering their part in the best way possible.

Even though working in separate production stages, the team members consult with each other in several stages during the production process, in order to work in a coordinated and efficient way.

The process of creating video content is divided into 3 different main parts:



In the beginning phase of the production process, a foundation is being created, and that is the video script.

The script serves as a basis for all the other parts of the production process, and as such is being created with check ups and a review by our client before proceeding with further production stages.

The pre-production phase includes:

  • Video goals and how it ties into the general marketing strategy
  • Budget
  • Storyboarding and scenes
  • Project timeline
  • Script writing
  • Production suite and animating resources




The production phase is the most collaborative and interconnected part of production, as here the team members communicate together the most and review each other’s work multiple times. 

These reviews are what we call “check-ups”, and they serve to ensure that the end product is made in a coordinated and efficient way, which ultimately fulfills the client’s requirements. 

These check moments are:

  • Script creation
    • Based on our findings in the exploration phase, the client now has the chance to double-check if everything is present and make suggestions. This is usually done together with a few team members to ensure the script is 100% correct.
  • Style guide approval
  • First demo approval
  • Finalized video file approval

If you have specific visions, ideas, or visuals that you want to be included in the final product, be sure that you have clearly communicated that with your producer before the end of the production phase.

Post production

Following the finalisation of the production phase, our team can begin focusing on editing and processing the details of your video into a final product.

During the post-production phase, your video production team will begin the process to organize the details and edit the actual video.

The production phase includes:

  • Video editing
  • Reviews/approvals
  • Final Delivery


About us

Active since 2020 and trusted by 100+ brands, we are one of the premier animation & design studios operating in the thriving Web3 space.

Our in-house team specializes in simplifying complex with fresh animations, helping ambitious brands scale next level with our unique 4-step Creative Content Plan.

When you work with us, we guarantee real results that serve as the foundation for long term growth and is a worthy investment into the future of your company.








In-house team


Testimonials 🔥

“Slance is really responsive and professional. Nailed the edits and the platform for feedback is practical to use. Overall very impressed.”



“Our continued partnership with team Slance has been wonderful and we are looking forward to working more often in the future.”



“Our video promo-edu series made by Slance looks great. Wonderful visuals and great delivery.”




Animation videos

$20 / second

Perfect for a long-term growth strategy

~ 30-90 seconds

Horizontal or Vertical

Educate with narrative-driven storytelling and in-depth product promotion

Boost brand credibility

Slower pace, highly engaging

Includes Voice over

Includes script, storyboards, animation, voice

Simplify complex with flat & isometric animation

Unlimited revisions + feedback and refinement

Fully designed in line with brand guidelines

No royalties, copyright or watermarks

1-2 weeks delivery time

Social shorts

$15 / second

Perfect for quick promotion campaigns

~ 05-30 seconds

Horizontal or Vertical

Onboarding, mini-education, promotion, product demos

Boost Top of Funnel visibility

Faster pace, highly engaging

Optional: Voice over

Includes script, storyboards, animation

Simplify complex with flat & isometric animation

Unlimited revisions + feedback and refinement

Fully designed in line with brand guidelines

No royalties, copyright or watermarks

2-4 days delivery time

Design + Motion graphics

$65 / hour

Perfect for improving overall branding

Social content, short-&-sweet animations, podcasts, event videos

UI / UX design, web design, platform design

Banners, GIFs, loops, images, ...

Logo design, brand style guides, brand books, ...

Whitepapers, pitch decks, investor presentations, ...

NFT Artwork, NFT collections, traits

Fully designed in line with brand guidelines

No royalties, copyright or watermarks

2-4 days delivery time

On-demand needs? View subscriptions, from $650 / m


What is included in the price?

All pricing includes:

  • One feedback round per production phase (1x script, 1x storyboard, 1x full length)
  • No royalties, no watermarks, no copyright
  • Variations (for designs)
  • High end quality, comparable to showreel productions
  • Visual style in line with brand guidelines
Why wouldn't we hire in-house?

Fair question!

Our reasoning is that currently the cost of hiring one in-house videographer / animator / designer far exceeds our pricing. This is because of scarce availability in the blockchain space, as well as having to offer extra benefits on top of a competitive salary. And the recruitment process can be time consuming that comes with a work in period.

Additional to a videographer / animator, you'll need a voice artist, designer and script writer for full video productions. These are all roles we have readily available on our in-house team. 

Working with us, you are fully unburdoned for the entire video production proces. From A-Z, all stages are handled by us and you'll only have to sign off on the final video result you are satisfied with.

Are videos or designs created by AI?

No. We do not use any AI software to help generate designs, logos, scenes, storyboards, scripts or voice over at any step in the production process.

The videos and designs we produce for you are 100% made by our in-house team of illustrators, designers and writers. Every step in the process is hand-done by us before its good to go to the next phase. Any video we deliver is of the highest quality and human-made.

Note; we are experimenting with AI and how it can benefit the overal video production process. So far we've had succes with ideation / inspiration and script writing. However, in it's current state, AI cannot replace the creativity needed for video productions that humans provide.

What are additional options per video?

We offer the following options for every video production:

  • Unlimited revisions / feedback / refinement at $65 / hour
  • Export transitions / effects / elements into graphic files: $25
  • Separate scenes into social shorts: +$25 / scene
  • Subtitles (hardcoded): +$95 per language
  • 4k production + export (future proof): +$250
  • Purchase source file: 0.75% total cost
  • Thumbnail: +$35
What if a project does not match expectations?

Not to worry, we keep designing and refining until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Can we purchase source files?

Yes, we offer the purchase of source files at an extra charge, to be decided per video project.

How is your typical workflow?

Every project starts with a discovery call in which requirements and wishes are discussed. Based on your input we draft a delivery timeline and after an upfront payment we kickstart the project by writing the script.

After the script is approved we move onto to voice over production.

When the voice over is done we design the storyboards + a short demo.

Once the demo is approved we continue with the full length production, which also has a feedback + refinement stage after its completed.

Once the video is approved by you we share the final video file.

In short, the workflow is as follows:

  1. Discovery call
  2. Script writing
  3. Voice acting
  4. Storyboards + demo
  5. Full length video + feedback
  6. Finalized video
Do you offer discounts?

Our prices are already exceptionally competitive, and we therefore do not offer discounts. We do however offer perks that come with higher volume orders such as set delivery times, recurring timelots and discounted freedback prices.

How is payment handled?

We offer invoices to be paid via bank transfer or crypto transfer (bep20/erc20) in any stablecoin currency.

What industries do you work with?

We work with and in the following industries / markets:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • NFT art
  • NFT collections
  • NFT gaming
  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain gaming
  • TradFi
  • DeFi
  • Web3 (overarching)

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