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In this guide we take you through the steps of how we, as the Slance studio, employ the video production process for creating crypto videos.

We offer a variety of crypto video production services, with different formats such as crypto explainer videos, crypto tokenomics videos and educational crypto videos.

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For the video production of all the different formats we make use of the production steps as outlined on this page.

Nowadays it is easier than ever to create high quality animation videos, however within the crypto and blockchain space, video production requires extensive knowledge of the many and fast moving aspects of this highly innovative market.

While the video production process will vary based on the style, content, timeline, effort, and budget, there are some basic steps in our process that is used by any reputable video production company:

  1. Market research
  2. Brand and project in-depth exploration phase
  3. Pre-production for planning and coordination
  4. Production where we translate all knowledge, expertise and wishes into the demo
  5. Post production where we optimize everything and tie everything together to create the final video file.
  6. Follow up and interweaving video in the existing marketing strategy

Our team

Before we start, an introduction.

We are a fully remote (say, ‘decentralized’) team of writers, designers, animators and producers.
Our office dog is completely virtual, we operate without managers and have no regular office hours.
We communicate with clients 1 on 1 and we collaborate with a network of like-minded specialists and cryptonauts to produce top-notch content.

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Market research

The blockchain and crypto market changes. Fast.

In order for a crypto video production company to stay on top of things, a dedicated team of writers that breathes crypto and blockchain is a must-have.

Furthermore, writers must have the ability to simplify complex, technical topics to easy-to-follow video scripts that make it easy to understand for the viewer.

Writers must have in-depth knowledge of the different submarkets within the web3.0 market, such as cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Decentralization, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Which is exactly why we have a dedicated team of writers with years of relevant experience, relevant to SaaS/Tech/Blockchain.


Brand and project in-depth exploration phase 

All of our clients fall within the DeFi/Blockchain/Decentralization space and during the onboarding phase we start with exploring the website and whitepaper of the project.

This usually gives us enough insight into what makes the project unique and how it compares to other projects within the same submarket.

After we have gathered enough information for our exploration phase, we h

ave enough for a general outline of the script and we move onto pre-production.


Our first goal in the production process of creating a crypto video is about preparing the script.

The script serves as the basis for all following steps: voice over, storyboards, animations and style guide and is necessary to set your video project up to be successful.

The pre-production phase includes:

  • Video goals and how it ties into the general marketing strategy
  • Budget
  • Storyboarding and scenes
  • Project timeline
  • Script writing
  • Production suite and animating resources


The production process is intimate and most of all collaborative in nature. By this we mean that there are a few mutual check moments (as we call them) where we collect feedback together with the client and based on that we move forward.

In our experience, the more involved a team is, the better the end result will be. Compared to other crypto video production company we are known to collect much more feedback with the idea to deliver top notch production value.

These check moments are:

  • Script creation
    • Based on our findings in the exploration phase, the client now has the chance to double-check if everything is present and make suggestions. This is usually done together with a few team members to ensure the script is 100% correct.
  • Style guide approval
  • First demo approval
  • Finalized video file approval

When the exploration phase is complete and all the input has been collected, we move onto designing the story boards, followed by animating the story boards. This is the part where the story comes to life.

If you have specific visions, ideas, or visuals that you want to be included in the final product, be sure that you have clearly communicated that with your producer before the end of the production phase.


After the production phase is finished, the producer and editor go to work. During the post-production phase, your video production team will begin the process to organize, plan, and edit the actual video.

Your producer will carefully review all the footage and transcribe all of the interviews conducted. Then, they will assemble the story and the video editor does their magic to bring all the pieces together.

The production phase includes:

  • Logging the interviews
  • Producing the final story
  • Music selection
  • Video editing
  • Reviews/approvals
  • Final Delivery

The production team that, which consists of the script writer, story board designer, animator and voice artist, handles takes care of all the details and ensure your demands and wishes are formed into the final video render.

We ask our clients to trust us with the crypto video production progress and let us woo you with our creativity.

Every production company will have different timelines for the post-production phase, but you can plan for it to take approximately 6-8 weeks unless you’ve discussed another plan with your company.

Shorter production times are also an option against an increased rate per video. In this case we hire external set of hands to help out with various parts of the production process, which shortens the overall creation time.

Once your video team has created a draft of the video project, it’ll be time for your project point person and key stakeholders to step back into the mix:

  • Approval and feedback: Once the initial version of the video is edited, it’s time to review the work. Assuming there are some changes that need to be made, the revision process can begin. If you are working with a video company, there may be a pre-defined number of revisions or hours set aside for revisions.
  • Final Delivery: Once the video is finalized and approved, it’s time to export the video to its final format. If you are planning to use the video on a specific platform (or platforms) be sure to communicate that with your video team. All platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc) have slightly different specifications for optimal video playback.

The importance of a video production process 

  • Dependability: There are a lot of moving pieces that have to come together and that require synergy between the writers, animators and designers.
  • Timeline:  Crypto video production takes time, especially animation video production. A tried-and-try production workflow helps minimize downtime and optimize delivery time.
  • Pricing: Having an optimized workflow where certain pre-made resources can be used in certain stages, helps reduce unnecessary production cost and time.
  • Revisions:  When you nail down your objectives, discuss the details in pre-production, and then execute to match your vision, you shouldn’t end up with many revisions at the end of your project. On the other hand, if you go through that whole project without a real process, you may end up with problems that require extra editing and time to resolve.


While every production company and video project are different, there are some key stages that will help your video project go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are working with your internal video team or a video production company, make sure that you have an established video production process that helps account for all the different variables of your project.