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"Working with Beau and his team has been a dream and I have been referring these guys a lot. Absolute professionals.

They are experts at making complicated dynamics visually easy to understand, so you as a business can clearly communicate you value or service"


CEO, Healingpot

“Our partners and friends in Slance have become a crucial part to Octaplex Network’s success so far.

They played a major role in building our brand, always providing highest quality content which we and our community loves.”


CEO, Octaplex

“Professionalism – Excellent
Flexibility – Excellent
Responsiveness – Excellent
Final Result – Met expectations”


Growth DeFi

Crypto Video Production at Slance Motioncraft Studio


Video production in the world of Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular method of promotion and education, providing its benefits both to developers and investors.

In the current state of the markets, finding high quality projects is not an easy task for most investors, which means that reading through whitepapers and publications is rarely the best method of research.

Efficiency is connected to simplicity –  in the vastness of information, the first appearance along with the first few seconds are usually the deciding factor for a user to become interested or to move on.

Users need something that will quickly grab their attention and stand out from the rest, while easily portraying the crucial information.

This is where Video production comes to its rightful place in the world of Cryptocurrency, as an increasingly popular way of showcasing a project along with all its aspects.

Here, at Slance, we deliver our creative content in a way that provides your viewers with the relevant information while saving time and keeping their interest high.

Our service will assist you in reaching your target audience and easily educating users as we are utilizing the most efficient up-to-date methods of video production!

About Slance Motioncraft Studio


We are a fully remote team consisting of experts in video production and cryptocurrency.

In our team there are several different roles – writers, designers, animators and producers, and all of these roles are connected to one another in a feedback driven system to create videos that bring complete satisfaction to our clients.

Staying “up-to-date” in the Cryptocurrency space requires constant improval of one’s skills and knowledge, which is the reason why our team’s passion for crypto enables the delivery of top notch video production services.

In order to deliver best quality crypto videos, we are combining our skills in Video Production and all its stages with extensive and significant knowledge of Cryptocurrencies in all aspects.

You can find out more about our team members, including their skills and dedicated roles by reading through the “About” section of our Website!

Having such a wide skill set in the team allows us to offer a variety of crypto video production services in different formats.

We provide services for all your requirements, such as crypto explainer videos, crypto tokenomics videos, educational crypto videos and anything that fits a project’s needs.

Your project’s needs will be taken care of in the most reliable and professional way, but still, a friendly approach in communication with our clients is as important to us as professionalism!

We communicate with our clients 1 on 1 and our team is always available and open for new or potential clients, even if it is only to answer your questions with no obligations.

You can find us through Telegram, so feel free to communicate your needs to us and let’s see what we could do for you!

Crypto Video Production in Slance Studio


In order to catch the attention of viewers, we are not driven by complex or overly-detailed techniques, but instead one of our main principles is – simplicity.

Being led by such a principle, our videos do not last long since we are aware that the average investor doesn’t have the time or patience to watch lengthy videos in anticipation of getting relevant pieces of information. Our videos usually last several minutes, depending on the type.

“Slance videos boost growth by simplifying the concept with visually appealing animation techniques.”

The technique used in Slance video production is animation.

Our team includes top-level animators who can deliver the highest level of content in cooperation with our Crypto specialists to provide an all around end product for this market’s needs.

Animation enables us to create a great dynamic in our videos, thus holding the attention of a viewer by constantly changing the content to explain new concepts.

Besides keeping it dynamic, this method also allows for flexibility and easier explaining of certain concepts, while keeping the viewer’s interest by using techniques and colors which can easily catch their attention.

We offer lots of different types of videos, ranging from videos used to showcase a project and its features to more specific types such as specific explainers or “How-to” tutorials for usage.

The types of our services and their details, along with existing examples can be explored through the landing page of our website.

Feel free to check out the reviews of our recent clients as well!

The process of Video Production in Slance Studio

Each reputable video production company should have an organized and well thought process which enables for the best content creation quality.

As a professional company, Slance takes its creative process seriously and with respect for the client.

A significant part of our professional approach can be attributed to our creative process, which is spread out into several phases that allow us to perform check-ups on the work in progress before proceeding with further stages.

Such a workflow brings the maximum efficiency by providing guarantees that each of the team roles have successfully completed their tasks before enrolling further in the process.

Furthermore the phases in production are intertwined with receiving the necessary feedback from our clients, thus ensuring satisfaction in the end product.

These phases are as follows:

  1. Market Research
  2. Brand and project in-depth exploration phase
  3. Pre-production for planning and coordination
  4. Production where we translate all knowledge, expertise and wishes into the demo
  5. Post production where we optimize everything and tie it together to create the final video file.
  6. Follow up and interweaving video with the existing marketing strategy

Slance company ensures a successful delivery to our clients by not only working exclusively with the project itself, but through understanding the cryptocurrency market as a whole, which brings us to the next stage.

Market Research

In order to create satisfactory results in our video production services, we are required not only to have great production skills, but to have expertise in the cryptocurrency space as well.

Researching the markets lets us stay in line with the newest crypto trends and narratives so we can be ready to work with our clients and understand their needs, as we have thorough knowledge of the relevant concepts in cryptocurrency markets.

Writers must have in-depth knowledge of the different submarkets within the web3.0 market, such as cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Decentralization, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Which is exactly why we have a dedicated team of writers with years of relevant experience, relevant to SaaS/Tech/Blockchain.

Brand and project in-depth exploration phase

While market research is a non-specific method of research which gives our team a solid ground to understanding each of our client’s projects, the brand/project exploration phase specifically dives into a project to understand its features and mechanics to the last detail. We can thoroughly understand your project, which is the basis of our ability to present its details and features in a simple but clear way to your target audience.

When we say in-depth, we mean it.

Our experience in cryptocurrency enables us to know exactly what to deliver and how to deliver it in an appealing way for your viewers. We go through the relevant resources of a project, such as the Whitepaper and Website, which provide us with enough knowledge on a project to present it in a way that directly reflects the team’s visions.

Once the knowledge basis has been laid out, the Slance team proceeds with the next step.


In the beginning phase of the production process, a foundation for all the upcoming steps is being created, and that is the video script.

The script serves as the basis for all following steps: voice over, storyboards, animations and style guide and is necessary to set your video project up to be successful.

As the script is such an important element of the creative process, it is always being created with check ups and a review by our client before proceeding with further production stages.

The pre-production phase includes:

  • Video goals and how it ties into the general marketing strategy
  • Budget
  • Storyboarding and scenes
  • Project timeline
  • Script writing
  • Production suite and animating resource

Once the script has been written and approved by the client, we can move on to the production part.

Production phase

The production phase is the most collaborative and interconnected part of production, as here the team members communicate together the most and review each other’s work multiple times.

These reviews are what we call “check-ups”, and they serve to ensure that the end product is made in a coordinated and efficient way, which ultimately fulfills the client’s requirements.

In our experience, the more involved a team is, the better the end result will be. Compared to other crypto video production companies we are known to collect much more feedback with the idea to deliver top notch production value.

If you wish to work with us and have us deliver you the best value for your needs, do not hesitate to have a chat with us through our official Telegram handles.

The “Check-ups” in the Production phase are the following:

  • Script creation
    • Based on our findings in the exploration phase, the client now has the chance to double-check if everything is present and make suggestions. This is usually done together with a few team members to ensure the script is 100% correct.
  • Style guide approval
  • First demo approval
  • Finalized video file approval

If you have specific visions, ideas, or visuals that you want to be included in the final product, be sure that you have clearly communicated that with your producer before the end of the production phase.

Post-production phase

Following the finalisation of the production phase, our team can begin focusing on editing and processing the details of your video into a final product.

The post-production phase includes:

  • Video editing
  • Reviews/approvals
  • Final Delivery

The production team that consists of the script writer, storyboard designer, animator and voice artist takes care of all the details and ensures your demands and wishes are formed into the final video render.

So the final stages consist of receiving feedback from the team, followed up by an approval if everything is satisfactory for the client’s team.

  • Feedback and approval: Once the initial version of the video is edited, it’s time to review the work. Assuming there are some changes that need to be made, the revision process can begin.
  • Final Delivery: Once the video is finalized and approved, it’s time to export the video to its final format.

If you are planning to use the video on a specific platform (or platforms) be sure to communicate that with our team. All platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc) have slightly different specifications for optimal video playback. 

If you wish to work with a professional video-production company, reach us through our official channels and let us hear what your project might need!