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CEO, Octaplex

"Working with Beau and his team has been a dream and I have been referring these guys a lot. Absolute professionals.

They are experts at making complicated dynamics visually easy to understand, so you as a business can clearly communicate you value or service"


CEO, Healingpot

Do you want to present your DeFi project to its target audience in a way that is visually appealing and easy to read?

The whitepaper is a crucial part of any project built on the concept of decentralized finance, and with the progression of the DeFi space, presenting a project’s mechanics and features can be a demanding task.

The terminologies used in DeFi whitepapers can be complex enough, so presenting it in an easily readable way goes beyond being focused only on the written elements.

Design plays an important part as well in helping you reach out to your audience in the right way, and that is why we are here.


Slance team can help you design the perfect whitepaper for your DeFi venture and project.

Design your DeFi whitepaper with Slance


Slance Studios is a team of experts at a range of skills and roles, including writers, graphics designers and more. 

Having such a combined skill set helps us fulfill our clients’ requirements for their DeFi projects.

Do you wish to give your DeFi project a whitepaper which stands out from the rest in this space, by focusing on visual appeal and simplicity of design?

Send us your written content template in the form of a raw text document, and let us do the magic in the designing part! 

Slance can make your materials into a unique, visually appealing whitepaper that fits your DeFi project.

How do we make the whitepaper design?

We will take several elements into consideration, such as the styling and an appropriate color palette that suits your project’s branding. 

In order to make a whitepaper visually appealing and easy to read, we usually implement graphic parts.

These graphical elements can showcase certain parts of your DeFi project, or simply decorate the document and its textual content for an easier reading experience.

Slance has already provided our whitepaper designing service to different DeFi projects, and our work has always been, and remains to be delivered professionally.

The creative process

In order to deliver your content quickly and with the best quality of service, we have optimized our workflow by spreading the process into several parts.

Our team roles are connected through these creative phases in a feedback driven process, which includes the client as well, thus ensuring a successful end product.

Our creative process includes the following phases:


Prior to starting the creative process, we will schedule a voice meeting with the client. In this phase, it is important for the client to give us the necessary information on their project, relating to the features, mechanics, roadmap, team, key selling points, tokenomics and more.

This ensures that our team gets an in-depth understanding of the project so we could adapt our whitepaper design for your needs.

Raw material delivery

In order to design your whitepaper, we need to receive the raw whitepaper material from the client. Using this written material enables us to build the design around it, as your material serves as a backbone for further designing.

First design prototype

Once the Slance team creates a concept for the whitepaper design, we will share it with the client to receive necessary feedback.

Your input can help us understand if the first concept suits your requirements so we could:
1) improve it using your feedback
2) keep designing if the client approves the first concept.

Once we have agreed on the design, our designing team moves further with the process of creating your DeFi project whitepaper.

Performing check-ups is an important element of our creative process as our aim is to deliver a high quality product while keeping the client’s satisfaction in our aim at all times.

Fine-tuning the design

This is the part where you can relax and wait for our designing team to deliver your whitepaper.

In the fine-tuning phase we will create the whitepaper using your branding style so it fits all the other parts of your project.

Furthermore, here we can also create graphical elements for your whitepaper, as another crucial aspect of the design.

When the design is fully finished, we move on to the final phase.


Once the creative process is done, you will be contacted by our team in the agreed deadline, to receive your brand new whitepaper.

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If you want to give your DeFi project an eye-catching whitepaper design that fits your branding, let our team do the magic for you!

Contact us through Telegram and let’s have a talk about your needs and requirements.

There is no obligation and we are always open to hear your ideas.