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NFT – an increasingly popular term and trend in the crypto space.

This year the blockchain community has seen an expansion of projects offering these mysterious digital “items”.

So what exactly is it?

First, before delving deeper into understanding what it is and what are its purposes, it would be important to know what the acronym itself stands for.

NFT is a popular acronym for the following three words – Non-fungible token. Non-fungible implies that such property, unlike money, cannot be interchanged or traded for other items, and it has unique properties on its own. These non-fungible tokens are the technology through which data, and its ownership, can be securely and transparently stored on the blockchain.

The stored data can be presented in any form, such as music, digital art and any collectible digital items.

For the first time, digital data including its ownership can be securely and transparently stored on the internet, by using NFTs and blockchain technology.

Slance – The NFT Creative Agency


Slance will provide you with an exquisite graphic service for your NFT project’s requirements.

Being such a diverse team, we can offer you the best graphic designing skills to deliver any kind of art your project might need.

We have worked on NFTs with several projects, offering our services for a range of needs. 

The NFT services we already delivered include audit badges to provide a proof of legitimacy, crypto brand logos, partnership animated NFTs and more.

We are always open to extending our service portfolio by bringing new types of NFTs at the request of our clients.

How we create NFTs


The Slance team includes great graphic artists which can deliver any type of steady or animated graphics for your needs.

The process of creating NFTs at Slance is interactive and feedback driven.

We do not like to work blindly, but instead encourage our clients to share as much detail on their requirements as they wish, including already existing examples of similar work.

On the other hand, if a client is uncertain of the details of their NFT art, you can also leave the creative work to us and relax while the team works its magic for you!

Our workflow includes check-ups and direct communication with the graphic designers for clients.

All these elements are a part of our working model to ensure maximum satisfaction in the end product.

Phases of the creative process



The first phase of the process is the communication part where you will convey your ideas to our team.

As mentioned, your idea may be specific and in-depth, or you might have an idea without too many details, leaving the creative part to the team.

In the starting phase of a project, we will also schedule a deadline for delivery, and if you have specific shorter deadline requirements, feel free to communicate it with us before we start with the creative process.

Usually we communicate with our clients through Telegram or by having voice/video meetings for an easier understanding of your requirements.

Once we have agreed on the design, our animators move on to the next phase.

First concept presentation


Presenting a concept prototype is an important part of the creative process, which differentiates Slance from most such agencies.

Getting feedback from our clients is critical in the process because we do not only aim for a finished product, but a satisfied client as well.

By checking up on the prototype before the animators move further, you can provide valuable input that will steer the process of creating your NFTs into a satisfying end result.

Concept refinement


Once you have provided your feedback on the first concept, the animators can start refining your design towards the final product.

This is the part where the graphic skills are applied to make top notch NFT materials.

Final delivery

The final phase of the process where you will receive your delivery of NFTs.

Types of NFTs offered at Slance

Slance team is competent at delivering almost any kind of NFTs our clients might be in need of.

There are several types of NFTs we offer:

  • Gaming NFTs; items for games
  • Crypto space-inspired NFTs
  • Logos
  • Crypto logo NFTs
  • Blockchain audit NFTs
  • DeFi audit NFTs

Our NFTs can be made using different art styles:

  • Minimal
  • Colorful
  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Tech
  • Cyberpunk

Delivered in the following formats:

  • gif
  • jpg
  • png
  • mp4

*Our offer portfolio is adaptable and expandable by taking the client’s individual needs into consideration. You can always communicate to our team if you have any specific needs, and if possible, we will gladly adapt our services accordingly.


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Flexibility – Excellent
Responsiveness – Excellent
Final Result – Met expectations"



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"Our partners and friends in Slance have become a crucial part to Octaplex Network's success so far.

They played a major role in building our brand, always providing highest quality content which we and our community loves."


CEO, Octaplex

"Working with Beau and his team has been a dream and I have been referring these guys a lot. Absolute professionals.

They are experts at making complicated dynamics visually easy to understand, so you as a business can clearly communicate you value or service"


CEO, Healingpot


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If you are aiming for professional but affordable service for the NFT part of your project, feel free to contact Slance Creative Agency.

We are open to hearing your ideas, and you can share them directly by interacting with our animators.

Reach out to us through Telegram, and let’s have a talk!