Decrypt sees increase in completed e-Learning courses.

Decrypt’s University Hub used a quick promotional video to boost awareness and convert to sign ups.


Vertex Protocol raises 8.64 million in LBA event.

During a 7-day Liquidity Bootstrapping Event, Vertex raised substantial capital with the help explainer video ad campaign.


Infura increases social reach with education content.

Infura sees positive engagement and an increase in social reach with animated explainer videos.


TrueHandle boosts pre-launch interest.

TrueHandle’s quick promotional video resulted in 100+ pre-launch sign ups and saw major positive engagement.


Massa Blockchain onboards new controllers to the ecosystem.

A short promotional-explainer for Massa clarified the concept and helped onboard new users.


Slance Youtube channel sees 2.000 subscribers boost.

Educational shorts boosted our channel to 2.000 organic subscribers by quickly explaining web3 concepts.


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β€œOur video promo-edu series made by Slance looks great. Wonderful visuals and great delivery.”



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